About Us


BigData Ghana Limited is made up of a team of competent database experts and statisticians with years of experience working individually with major data consumers and data collectors in the country (UNICEF, EHSD, NADMO, etc). We also have a core group of in-house developers who assist us in providing the best data solutions, custom web and mobile tools for your data collection as well as data presentation for comprehensive and real-time data collection and analyses. From small scale systems to large scale country level data requirements, BigData Ghana offers you the best option for your data solutions in the country. With our team of expert professionals and vast experience in the field of data, let us provide you with the data you need, the way you need it and how you need it.
Our Vision
Provide credible data backbone for accelerated development in Africa
Our Mission

  • Provide clearinghouse for country level datasets for quick and easy access
  • Provide intuitive, innovative, adaptive and robust data collection tools to support diverse data collection requirements across sectors
  • Enhance institutional capacity for improved and efficient data management practices
  • Simplify data retrieval and data access protocols across sectors

Providing credible data backbone for accelerated development in Africa