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I receive ‘Network is not available’ message when I try to open JioCinema app. – 2. XmppDll.dll Is Missing

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General troubleshooting tips for Kayo. This article provides you with some handy troubleshooting tips to get you back in the game asap: Device Compatibility: It’s worth checking out what devices and operating systems are compatible with Kayo. You can see what is compatible by clicking here. Error Messages There are several error messages you may receive in Kayo.

Don’t worry, we have solutions for them. Click here to view a list of Kayo error messages and find out what they mean. Internet Connection: Have you tried checking your internet connection with other applications or pages? If other applications or pages are down, it may be an issue with your internet. Try running an internet speed test to see if this is the issue. Loading Issues: Your troubleshooting options will depend on what loading animation you see: For Apple users, you’ll be familiar with the dreaded beachball.

If you see this, your issue is device related and might be time to visit an Apple genius. However, if you see something like a Kayo loading animation on your screen, your video player is attempting to buffer your stream but is delayed in doing so. Click here to see why you get buffering, and how to fix it.

Refresh Your Stream: Try refreshing your stream every 2 hours for optimal performance. A good reminder is to refresh at half-time, or during the drinks breaks in the Cricket! You can also try scrubbing back on the stream you are watching. This will allow the stream to load and stabilise. Sometimes the most simple solutions work the best!

Try a New Stream If you’re streaming an event via a Tile or Match Centre and experiencing buffering, you can attempt to stream via one of our Live Channels. Often this will resolve any buffering issues you may be experiencing. Note: This also works the other way around – i. Deleting the app from your device and downloading it again will ensure you have the latest version and may clear up any gremlins.

Don’t worry, all your history is retained against your profile, you won’t lose anything. Previous Next. Related Articles. It is reset when responses resume. The base timeout value is dynamically determined by the measured round-trip time on the connection. The default value for this registry entry is 5; double this value to 10 Decimal see step 2 above. If connection timeouts still occur, try doubling the value again to 20 Decimal. This registry entry may only reduce the number of connection timeout errors that occur.

Changes to your Internet connection or router may have to be made to completely resolve the problem. Skip to main content.

This browser is no longer supported. Download Microsoft Edge More info. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. Yes No. Any additional feedback? Note A timeout error may also occur when connecting to an Internet server that does not exist or if there is more than one default gateway on the Proxy Server computer. Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. Note This registry entry may only reduce the number of connection timeout errors that occur.

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Network connection failed error code 1006 zoom. Jio Support


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Attacks that require the HTTP Response option to be enabled – Categories

Cause: The input user ID is empty. How do I start a free trial on Kayo? If the device is normal and the application has obtained the corresponding zopm permissions, please contact ZEGO technical support.

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