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Wait for a few seconds, then turn the computer back on, steadily tapping the F12 key to access the advanced boot menu.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select an option from the nine advanced boot options. Windows has a built-in mode for troubleshooting video problems, called Enable low-resolution video. Press the 3 key or F3 to select this option. Windows will boot using a basic video driver, overriding the resolution settings you changed.

When your Desktop loads, its icons will be much larger than normal. Click on the top-right corner of the Desktop once Windows loads, and type Display. Click the drop-down arrow beside Resolution to see the available resolutions for your monitor.

One of the settings will say Recommended beside it. This is the best resolution your monitor can display as detected by Windows. Click OK to accept the change and keep these settings. As long as you chose a resolution your monitor could support, Windows will not override it. Reboot the computer to access Windows normally; your newly selected, appropriate resolution will be ready.

The reboot process will reset to the original display settings but you also can simply enter the monitor settings menu and make adjustments as needed.

The nice thing about this process is the fact that you only touch the display settings and will not reset any other unrelated settings. Simply right click on the home screen to retrieve a menu and choose Settings.

You can also access this from the menu bar or a general search on Windows 10 and many other programs as well. Click on Display and navigate to your screen resolution settings. You can decrease the resolution within this menu. Test several different settings before settling on the lowest possible option. Adobe Spark is an integrated web and mobile solution that enables you to create and share your visual story from any device.

And of course, you can resize the image with Spark quickly and easily! The Paint app is a built-in tool on your Windows PC that can help you resize iamges. Just follow the steps below to resize an image on the Paint app:.

The Photos app is another built-in app on Windows OS that can help you resize an image. If you prefer to resize the iamge using the Photos app, just follow the steps below:.

Hopefully the instructions above helped you resize your image. Justin, a Microsoft Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate, is a technical writer and a tech enthusiast.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading books and listening to music. To install Driver Easy Click. Justin Zeng Last Updated: 7 months ago.

You can use Spark from your favorite desktop broswer on both Windows and Mac machines, as well as on Chromebooks.



– How to change resolution of photo on pc – none:

The Paint app (for Windows users) · Right-click on the image you want to resize, then select Edit. · Click Resize. · Set the percentage or how many. Click Settings and Display to access your computer’s display settings. Click the drop-down arrow beside Resolution to see the available resolutions for your.


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