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Zoom error code 1001 reddit. Dank or not? Analyzing and predicting the popularity of memes on Reddit

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I am becoming frustrated. This may help Zoom Community. Supporting a Hybrid-friendly Work Environment Explore products and tools for seamless collaboration across office and home working spaces.

Download Zoom Client Keep your Zoom client up to date to access the latest features. Download Center. Zoom Virtual Backgrounds Download hi-res images and animations to elevate your next Zoom meeting.

Browse Backgrounds. Register Now. This means that Zoom can’t overwrite an existing file due to a running process. Now, you just need to reinstall Zoom. You can get the latest version from the Zoom Download Center. First, check that you have enough disk space. Look at how much space you have left on the drive where you are installing Zoom.

If it’s in the red, with only megabytes remaining, it’s time for a tidy up. Here’s how to clean Windows If that’s not the problem, try updating Zoom via the Download Center , rather than the program itself. If necessary, replace C with the drive you have Zoom installed on. Then click OK. In the folder that opens, you should see a file called installer. Attach this to a ticket on the Zoom Support site for further assistance.

This error can happen during installation and is caused either by incorrect permissions or a driver conflict. First, you need to run the Zoom installer as an administrator.

If you’re trying to update via the program itself, grab the installer from the Zoom Download Center instead. Right-click the EXE file and choose Run as administrator. Then follow the standard installation process. If you still get the error, it’s a driver problem. You can use Windows Update to check for driver updates:. If no updates are found, that doesn’t necessarily mean your drivers are the most recent version. You should visit your manufacturer’s website to grab the latest files.

The issue it happens a lot often for users which are part of a university rather than those which are part of a business or company. Updating any application from time to time could be a smart choice because it prevents several errors showing up and additionally will increase the usability and security of any application. So, you must frequently update your zoom application any time where Zoom launches the new improved versions.

This can be done by clicking on your profile picture and you will find an option with- Check for updates. Click on this and check if there is any update available. Antivirus applications are known to cause issues on computers by interfering with your internet connection or blocking other apps and services from running properly.


– Dank or not? Analyzing and predicting the popularity of memes on Reddit – PMC

(Number,. Salary, and Degree/Diploma) by Employer. Fiscal Year ZOOM VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS INC A & B ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES I. I read on reddit that it can be due to malware and FRST can help fix it, Zoom (HKU\S\.


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Memes are analogous to genes Wang and Wood , cultural fragments passed down through generations. In itself, the Darwinian frame through which memes are understood recognizes the importance of meme content.

However, most studies focus on how memes diffuse through online social networks Wang and Wood taking into account user interests Weng et al. Many studies have successfully predicted the viral Internet memes based on social network factors Maji et al. Even when measured in many ways, meme popularity displays a long-tailed distribution. Few memes actually become viral, and most are only appreciated by a few tens of people Gleeson et al.

Memes distributed in more diverse and well-connected audiences are more likely to go viral Weng et al. Additionally, people are more likely to share memes related to content that they have shared in the past Weng et al.

In addition to social network factors, the content and formatting of a meme can effect its popularity. Berger and Milkman found that more emotionally arousing text segments from online news are more likely to go viral. Others note that there is ever increasing engagement with political memes among adults on the Internet and express concern that political memes will be used to promote extremism or spread misinformation.

According to a recent look at Twitter data, 30 percent of image-with-text memes contain political content Du et al. There are also disparities among what political and demographic groups share those memes McClure While many papers investigate short text data like hashtags Tsur and Rappoport ; Weng et al. Qualitative studies describe the symbols used in meme sub-genres and how their used but do not analyze the impact of these symbols on the memes popularity Dynel ; Dynel and Messerrli A study by Bauckhage et.

It shows that evolving memes slightly different versions of the same meme are more likely to gain popularity and stay popular for longer. Du et al. Our paper contests this claim. Another study by Khosla et al. They found that certain colors, low-level image properties like hue, and represented objects correlate with increased image popularity.

However, popularity on a photo-appreciation sight like Flickr is much different than the social undertones that go into memes. In our model, similar features to those considered by Khosla et al. Our study considers the widest array of content-based attributes in image-with-text memes so far. Furthermore, our data represents the intense political moment at the start of the global coronavirus pandemic.

The subreddits represent communities devoted to the creation of memes and consequently, the development of a shared sense of humor on Reddit. Most popular Internet content first went viral on Reddit, hence the websites catchphrase, so popular memes from these subreddits are likely representative of the content on many other Internet sites too. Additionally the strict etiquette implemented by the Reddit community and moderators ensures that posts align with the subreddit description Sanderson and Rigby Thus, only image-with-text memes populate the five subreddits from which we scraped data.

In total we scraped , unique posts from March 17th, to March 23rd, which constituted the beginning of the global coronavirus outbreak. For each post we retrieved the features found in lines 1—10 of Table 1. Likewise, the features downvotes, meme awards, and posting author were scraped from Reddit and eliminated early on because they were incomplete, populated mostly with zeros.

We further processed the meme images, titles, and text from the images to enrich our feature set with more content-based features. In the process of extracting the content-based features, we made a GET request on each link and observed the status code. Any post with a link that returned a or other similar error was removed from the data set in order to avoid evaluating dead links.

Further, any post with a media other than images, such as gifs, was removed as we only wished to consider image-based memes. These cleaning steps resulted in a total of 80, records for training and testing the machine learning models.

After numerically encoding the image and text based content features that will be discussed in detail in the next couple sections, there were a total of 97 data attributes. Some conclusions could be made based on the Reddit metadata alone. Based on this feature we created a categorical feature representing the time of day, in four hour increments, when the post was created. The bottom subfigure of Fig.

Posts published on Reddit from midnight to noon Central US time have a higher chance to attract great attention. This result could mean that most upvotes on Reddit are accumulated during the course of the day, in USA time zones. The memes posted during daytime Central US time have more chance to receive moderate attention, while memes posted at night are more exposed to extreme events, meaning that receiving very low attention or great attention. The observation that memes posted at night have more chance to be dank is in line with the phenomenon that was observed by Sabate et al.

The authors argue that if content is posted during periods with low user activity at night , when users will connect in peak hours the post appears at the top of the news wall, that makes it more likely to be liked, commented or shared.

Upper figure shows the number of upvotes for each scraped subreddit. Bottom figure presents the normalized upvotes for each time frame. The more subscribers, the more social exposure, so the number of upvotes a post received was likely influenced by the number of subscribers to the subreddit where it was posted.

Indeed, we can observe a positive correlation between upvotes and subscribers, as the subreddits with more subscribers tend to get more upvotes see Fig. To confirm this observation, we determined the median number of upvotes for each respective subreddit and calculated a Pearson correlation coefficient between these values and the number of subscribers for each subreddit.

We received a value of 0. To eliminate this network effect, we normalized the number of upvotes by dividing by the number of subscribers from the respective subreddit where it was posted.

In modifying the upvotes feature, we were able to better gauge the popularity of a meme based upon its content alone. The viral nature of image-and-text memes on Reddit makes this data well suited for a binary classification task. The distribution of normalized upvotes follows a long-tailed distribution: most memes received few upvotes while few memes received many upvotes as shown in Fig.

Formulating our prediction labels in this way assured that we investigate the phenomenon of viral popularity rather than moderately successful or mediocre memes as proposed in the introduction. We will use three supervised learning models to predict whether memes fall into the dank or not dank categories: gradient boosting, random forest, and convolutional neural network models.

The former two use the entire feature set described in Table 1 for training except the media link feature. The neural network model uses only the meme images, accessed via the media feature, as its input and it is based on a smaller sample of data records.

In this section we present the results of our analysis. First, an explanatory analysis is provided for the textual and image related attributes with a focus on the impact they have on meme popularity. We also present feature engineering steps. Next, we briefly describe the applied machine learning models together with their performance in predicting the success of memes.

A large portion of the humor and meaning of memes are contained in the text which appears inside a meme image. This text differs from the caption of the meme which was written by the user who created the post and can be scraped directly from Reddit.

Both the caption and the text contained within the meme itself may affect popularity. In this section, we study the predictive power of the attributes derived from the caption and the text extracted from the images on meme popularity. We combined the text obtained by OCR with the caption of the meme, to gather all text associated with a meme.

Then we performed tokenization, lemmatization, and stemming to simplify all of the words. Tokenization is used to split the text into a list of words, make all characters lowercase, and remove punctuation. Words that have fewer than 3 characters and stopwords were removed.

Words were lemmatized so that all verbs occur in their first person, present tense form. Finally, words were stemmed, or reduced to their root form. Examples for negative, neutral, and positive sentiment memes along with a few example words obtained from OCR. The memes have been collected from Reddit. Using the processed text data we can extract some potentially predictive attributes such as sentiment and word count. First, we calculated the sentiment scores that quantify the feeling or tone of the text Liu and Zhang If the text is positive or happy, it scores closer to 1, and negative or sad texts score closer to 0.

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Zoom error code 1001 reddit

Average HSV and normalized upvotes. Your transaction is secure. All of the modifications and fine-tuning, including class-weight and GridSearchCV, efforts used in those models are the same here.

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