About Us

BigData Ghana Ltd

BigData Ghana Limited is made up of a team of competent database experts and statisticians with years of experience working individually with major data consumers and data collectors in the country (UNICEF, EHSD, NADMO, etc). We also have a core group of in-house developers who assist us in providing the best data solutions, custom web and mobile tools for your data collection as well as data presentation for comprehensive and real-time data collection and analyses. From small scale systems to large scale country level data requirements, BigData Ghana offers you the best option for your data solutions in the country. With our team of expert professionals and vast experience in the field of data, we provide you with the data you need, the way you need it and how you need it!

Our Vision

To provide credible data for informed and intelligent decision making for accelerated development in Africa

Our Mission
  • Provide clearinghouse for country level datasets for quick and easy access
  • Provide intuitive, innovative, adaptive and robust data collection tools to support diverse data collection requirements across sectors
  • Enhance institutional capacity for improved and efficient data management practices
  • Provide the easiest ways of accessing data both publicly and privately with integrity

Our Team

Henry Kwamena Baffoe

Managing Partner – Technical Director

Henry Kwamena Baffoe is a GIS/RS expert with 10+ years of experience in developing GIS/RS applications for over 20+ institutions and projects across several sectors in Ghana and Africa.

He has a Computer Science background and mastering in Geographic Information Systems and has been a principal investigator for a number of research grant sponsors including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Vodafone Foundation and GSDI. He also has an experience in over 10 GIS Application Development Software/Frameworks and in the following thematic areas; Infrastructure/Facility Mapping,  Marine Spatial Planning, Environmental Modelling, Developing SDIs, Forestry and Climate Change Monitoring Verification and Reporting, Interactive Mapping Applications, etc.

Henry has presented at a number of Africa Geospatial Conferences and served as team lead for eMapping and Innovations Unit of CERSGIS during the USAID-NASA SERVIR-West Africa Project and as a GIS technical person on the Africa Marine Atlas team.

Philip Okoampah Kwaning - Snr. Data Analyst at BigData Ghana Ltd.

Philip Okoampah Kwaning

Senior Data Analyst

Okoampah Philip Kwaning is a young, astute and renowned big data analyst and data visualization expert with over three years’ experience. He is proficient in the Extract Transform and Load process and has expertise in Tableau (Certified Specialist), Python, SQL, and Apache Spark. He has been acknowledged globally as one of the best and brightest Data Analysts. This honour came with a feature on Tableau platforms; the first Ghanaian to be featured. Philip is currently a leader for the Accra Tableau User Group in Ghana.

Philip is passionate about developing and deploying business intelligence solutions that help clients find valuable insights into their data and has developed solutions for LifeBank in Nigeria, CM group in U.K, Bsystems Limited and many more. Besides building dashboards, he also trains individuals and businesses on ways to improve their existing reports to ensure that they meet best practices.

Aside having a strong big data analytics background, Philip holds a certificate in Project Management Principles from the University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education.