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BigData Ghana Limited - Data Analytics, Visualization and Training
Data Analytics, Visualization and Training

There are a massive number of competitors across all business sectors. Your company’s ability to stand out and thrive depends on how well you make decisions. Our team of renowned data analysts will analyse your business data to help you make the best decisions to keep your business afloat and with that expertise, we develop platforms to visualize the data. Our visualizations include interactive dashboards, reports and interactive maps which our Geographic Information System (GIS) experts create using various algorithms. This enables the average person to make sense of the data. All visualizations are bundled into an application where permissions can be set as to who sees what. And it doesn’t end there. We offer training programmes to equip your employees with the knowledge and skills for analyzing data.

Geospatial Mapping and Remote Sensing Analysis

Having many years of experience in the field of data collection, we offer collection of any kind of data irrespective of location, industry or sector. Our service extends beyond the collection of basic text to the picking of geo-points and mapping of boundaries. We believe in the power of data and that is why we consider accuracy and error elimination as key in our data collection services.

BigData Ghana Limited - Data Collection and GIS Mapping
BigData Ghana Limited - Mobile and Web Application Development
Mobile and Web Application Development

With our expertise in user experience, we develop mobile and web applications to suite the needs of users. We use a development approach that keeps our clients actively involved in the development process. We also make valuable inputs for our clients as far as the functional requirements of the application is involved. We have the experts to develop it exactly how you want it!

Cloud Infrastructure Design, Deployment and Management

We help our clients migrate from the unreliable and risky traditional data infrastructure setting to the cloud which is reliable, secure, scalable and risk free. This service also includes the setup of trusted email servers to help your organization’s email needs. Because our cloud infrastructure service is very flexible, you can start with a small server and increase it gradually to accommodate the growth of your business.

BigData Ghana Limited - Cloud Computing and Infrastructure Setup
BigData Ghana Limited - Hiring of Data Collection Tablets
Field Data Collection Support

Having being in the field of data collection for a long time, we have the very best devices for all data collection needs. These devices are very reliable in terms of usage and accuracy. They are capable of providing as high as 1 meter Global Positioning System (GPS) accuracy. Contact us for any number of them and we will deliver them to you at a very flexible rate.

Data Policy and Information Security

We develop policies and infrastructure to help manage and build organized, efficient, scalable and secure data. These policies and infrastructure will guide your business in how to collect, store and distribute data along with defined permissions to ensure access control over your data.

BigData Ghana Limited - Data Policy Development and Information Security


Data and Information management solution designed for SMEs to help transform their businesses through efficient data handling and usage