Henry Kwamena Baffoe

Henry Kwamena Baffoe is an accomplished Geospatial Analyst and GIS/RS Application Development Expert with proven track record in building efficient and robust GIS/RS Applications in the developing country context across several sectors in Africa.

Henry has unparalleled appreciation of how to successfully deploy any GIS/RS based solution for impact across Africa having applied GIS in Infrastructure/Facility Mapping, Environmental Modelling, SDI Development, Forestry and Climate Change Monitoring Verification and Reporting, Interactive Mapping Applications, Extractive Industries Mapping, etc. over a decade of developing and managing GIS/RS applications.

Henry served as technical lead for the NASA-USAID SERVIR-West Africa Project – Ghana eMapping team and GIS Expert on the Africa Marine Atlas team. He has presented and co-chaired at a number of GIS Conferences in Africa and has been principal investigator for some GIS-based researches sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Vodafone Foundation and Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI).

He has a BSc in Computer Science from KNUST (Ghana) and mastering in Geographic Information Systems from Lund University (Sweden). He has certificates in Spatial Analysis and Geo-information Production from University of Twente (Netherlands), Marine Spatial Planning from UNESCO/IOC IODE and MPR, Forest Mapping using SAR from Astrium GEO-Information Services (UK), Quantitative Remote Sensing from Forest Sense (South Africa), Environmental Modelling and Geospatial Analysis from Juniper GIS (USA), Advanced Satellite Image Data Analysis for Deforestation and Forest Degradation Monitoring for Carbon Accounting from Astrium GEO-Information Services (UK), Open Data Management in Agriculture, Nutrition and Land from GODAN & UK AID. He also has project management and strategy mapping experience from Knowledge Tree Technology and VentureWell respectively.


His portfolio includes:

  • Project Manager, Development of GIS-Based Management Information System for Expanded Sanitation Inspection and Compliance Enforcement Application
  • Project Manager, Development of Ghana Electronic Mapping and Monitoring System for Development Activities in Ghana (GHEMMS) for Parliament of Ghana
  • Technical Supervisor, Development of GTrans – A GIS Data Infrastructure for Ministry of Roads and Highways of Ghana
  • Technical Supervisor, Development of GIS-Based Electrification Planning System for Ministry of Power under the GEDAP Project with funding from the World Bank
  • Technical Supervisor, Development of the Ghana Enterprise Land Information System (GELIS) under the Land Administration Project 1&2 for Lands Commission of Ghana
  • Lead Developer, Development of National Infrastructure Planning Portal (NIP Portal) for National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) of Ghana
  • Lead Developer, Development of Basic Sanitation Information System for Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources in partnership with UNICEF Ghana
  • Lead Developer, Development of Open Geospatial Data Platform for Agriculture in Ghana in partnership with ADVANCE – USAID
  • Principal Investigator, Development of GIS-Based Immunization Tracker for Immunization Expansion Programme in Ghana in partnership with Vodafone Foundation
  • Principal Investigator, Development of Effective feedback system for smallholder farmers in Ghana, using IVR mobile technology and GIS in partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Lead Developer, Mapping and Visualization of Ghana’s Election 2012 in partnership with the European Union and Electoral Commission of Ghana
  • Lead Developer, Mapping of Polling Stations across the country for election planning portal for Electoral Commission of Ghana and National Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone in partnership with UNDP
  • Project Coordinator and Lead Developer, Extractive Industry Mapping for Ghana
  • Principal Investigator, Development of Open Source Based Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for Center for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Services (CERSGIS)
  • Field Data Collection Coordinator, Several Mobile and GIS field data collection exercises for the Cocoa sector, Agriculture, Health, Energy, Water and Sanitation, Election, etc. across the country.