Inspired Innovation for Development
  • We provide DATA collection tools
    From web forms to mobile forms and even paper forms, allow our database expert to help you design the right schema.
    Browse through our well-structured vast dataset on Ghana ranging from Education to Agriculture
  • Ghana Agric Information System
    Get access to datasets in the agric sector
Survey planning, Development of mobile data collection apps, Hiring of data collection tablets and Cloud infrastructure and data hosting
Capacity to analyse big data and Spatial data analyses (deploying data science techniques)
Visualise and interact with results of analyses in new and exciting ways for quick and intuitive understanding
We offer training on data collection, data visualisation and data analytics tools. Train your team to use Metabase, PowerBI, Tableau, ArcGIS, ODK, MapBox, etc.
  • Let’s help you make impact with your results. Don’t stop at the nice presentation, share for impact

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Who We Are:

BigData is made up of a team of database experts and statisticians

BigData Ghana provides the easiest way to access and reuse private/custom and public datasets from diverse sources in the country. The primary purpose of this initiative is to discard the challenge associated with data access and reuse in Ghana. BigData Ghana Limited is made up of a team of competent database experts and statisticians with years of experience working individually with major data consumers and data collectors in the country (UNICEF, EHSD, NADMO, etc). We also have a core group of in-house developers who assist us in providing the best data solutions, custom web and mobile tools for your data collection as well as data presentation for comprehensive and real-time data collection and analyses.

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